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This free download will introduce you to the basics of working with aluminum cans. The recommended tools and equipment are:

  1. Aviation snips
  2. Household scissors
  3. Steel rulers-6" and 12" (use to measure and as a brake for bending)
  4. Sharpie ultra fine tip marker pen
  5. Small tweezers (to place small brackets in position)
  6. Cotton gloves and protective eyewear
  7. Small spring binder clips (several)
  8. QUICK GRIP adhesive. Available at craft/hobby stores, Walmart or
  9. Glue stick
  10. Nail polish remover
  11. Tissue paper and Scotch tape.

Safety Precautions

This plan is presented with the understanding that persons using it to construct the project, performs it safely. Tesscar Aluminum Craft and Fiddlersgreen do not assume responsibility for injury incurred by persons who perform the cutting and trimming necessary to construct the project.

THIS SHARK IS NOT A TOY. As a safety precaution, we recommend it not be played with by children due to very sharp edges. Some of the construction procedures will require you to wear gloves, due to sharp edges. Cotton gloves can be used. Protective eyewear should be worn during cutting and trimming the aluminum. SCROLL DOWN FOR INSTRUCTIONS.


  1. Approximately 4, 12 oz. recycled aluminum cans of the same brand of beverage are required for construction.
  2. The parts are made from the sides of the cans. The tops and bottoms will need to be cut off with aviation snips. The snips are available for left or right handed people. Green handles for right handed and red handles for left handed.
  3. Cut out the EYES at this time. They will be glued to aluminum material later.
  4. Glue the rest of the plan to a sheet of card stock or manila file folder material to obtain an edge for tracing the templates. Cut out the templates with scissors.
  5. Two sheets of aluminum stock material are required to make the TOP of the Shark. You will now have curled sheets of aluminum that will need to be straightened by pulling them full length over the edge of a table or counter. Place a cloth at the table edge to protect the print from scratching.
  6. Trim and square the TOP (approx. 8 1/8" long) of two sheets. Use a 12 inch ruler to draw a line. Cut off with scissors.
  7. Measure a 1/4" on the PRINT side of one sheet. Draw a line and fold over 180 degrees. Do not compress flat.
  8. Measure a 1/4" on the ALUMINUM side of the other sheet. Draw a line and fold over 180 degrees. Do not compress flat.
  9. Connect the folds of the sheets to make a sheet approx. 8 1/8" long by 6 1/2" wide. Press the folds for a tight fit. Use the side of an ink pen to compress the seam. The print of the sheets will not line up so the Shark can be displayed from either side.
  10. Trace the TOP template to the sheets. Position the template so the seam is in the center. Remove any ink with nail polish remover and tissue paper.
  11. Make the UPPER and LOWER TEETH from aluminum material or white cardstock. Make 10, 1/4" 90 degree angle brackets to mount the TEETH. Cut a strip of material a 1/2" wide by 2 1/2" long. Cut 10, 1/4" wide pieces. Bend them 90 degrees with the aluminum side showing.
  12. Glue 5 brackets, equally spaced, to the bottom of the LOWER and UPPER TEETH. Allow glue to dry.
  13. Make the BOTTOM. Bend the sides up (aluminum side showing) 90 degrees.
  14. Glue the TEETH in place. Allow to dry.
  15. Make the FINS. Bend on the line. Apply glue inside the folds. Do not worry about alignment. Trim the shape with scissors after the glue dries.
  16. Make two, 90 degree angle glue brackets for the TOP FIN. Make them 3/16" wide by 1 1/4" long.
  17. Make two, 90 degree angle glue brackets for the TAIL FIN. Make them 3/16" wide by 1/4" long.
  18. Glue brackets to the bottom of the TOP FIN and the end of the TAIL FIN. Put aside for now.
  19. Glue one side of the Shark TOP to the BOTTM part. See photo below. Allow several hours for the glue to dry.
  20. Use 3 lengths of scotch tape 2 1/2" long to hold the other side of the TOP when gluing it to the BOTTOM. Make a small pull-tab on each piece of tape for easier removal. Fold over one end about 3/8" .
  21. Glue the TOP to the BOTTOM. Hold in place with the scotch tape. Allow several hours to dry before removing the tape.
  22. Trial fit both FIN mounting brackets in place. Adjust as required to the curvature of the TOP. Glue FINS in place.
  23. Glue the EYES to a piece of aluminum material. Cut out the part. Apply a small amount of glue to the back and place the part against the front of the FIN.
  24. Inside of aluminum shark

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